Gay YouTube Couple
These lively and cheerful gays are going to show you real gays' relationships, love and every day life. They are easy-going and they don't feel ashamed of what they are doing.

Did you like our first part of the list Top 10 Gay YouTube Couples? So, now we are going to share with you our second part of this list . These lively and cheerful gays are going to show you real gays’ relationships, love and every day life. They are easy-going and they don’t feel ashamed of what they are doing. So these gay couples have millions of YouTube followers. Are you ready to meet 5 more popular gay couples from YouTube? So, let’s do it right now!

5.) Nick and Ken

Nick and Ken are interracial couple, Nick an American and Ken a FilAm. Their journey together as a couple inspires many as they set racial difference aside and just love anyone of any color. They do vlogs together as they travel places and make funny videos.

You can follow and watch them here:

4.) Trent and Luke

Trent and Luke are a couple from UK that do vlogs documenting their daily lives as young gays and as a couple. They do collabs with other YouTubers and they make hilarious videos together.

Here are their amazing channels:

3.) Will and RJ

Will and RJ are a couple that vlogs their daily lives showing the world that it is indeed okay to be gay, despite some struggles they encounter and most importantly the joy of being together as a normal gay couple.

You can check out this lovely couple here:

2.) Mark and Ethan

Mark and Ethan are a couple that make videos out of artistry and creativity. They have great music, and they film a different angles making their videos very interesting to watch. They go on adventures together as they travel and feature different stories.

This good looking couple may be watched on these channels:

1.) Mitch and Gregory

Mitchell and Gregory are a couple who makes videos together with a touch of music and science. With over 4M subscribers, they seem to be one of the most popular gay couple in YouTube. Their videos tackle interesting topics such as “How old are your ears?” and  “Why Men Are So Hairy?”. Their nerdy topics of their videos have earned good feedbacks from people straight or gays.

For your weekly dose of science, you can check them out here:

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