‘We want to show there’s no difference between gay love and heterosexual love.’

A Polish TV presenter has come out in one of the cutest ways ever – by lip syncing to 80s duo Roxette in a video with his boyfriend.
Jacob Hajduk and David, a couple of seven years, shot the video in July mostly at the Baltic Sea in Poland.
The single, Some Other Summer, had come up on their iPod. No one else was on the beach so they figured, why not record something?

‘Poland is very Catholic country and religion has big impact for the way of people thinking,’ Jacob told Gay Star News. ‘We had our doubts before we posted on YouTube.

‘But we wanted to show that we – gay people – are absolutely normal and our love has no difference to their love.’

Posting it on their Facebook profiles, the video was soon seen by thousands of people.

And that includes Roxette vocalist Per Gessle, who stumbled on the video, and posted a comment on their own social media.
‘Nice one!’ he said.

gay couple

Jacob told GSN they were asked by Roxette’s management for their address and they sent them a book with Gessle’s signature.
‘It’s a really nice gesture from him,’ Jacob added. ‘Roxette is a music legend and it’s really thrilling knowing that Per Gessle watched our film and liked it.’

But Jacob, who has worked for Poland’s national TV channel for eight years, is happy the reaction from the public has been positive.

‘I don’t regret it’ he added. ‘When we noticed the reaction was positive it made us both braver and wanted it share it with people.

‘We want to show there’s no difference between gay love and heterosexual love.’


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