pride song

Tissues at the ready.

Sherri Gray is 75, from Nashville Tennessee. She’s a Christian, a grandmother, and a staunch LGBT ally.

Two years ago, she wrote a song to perform at her lesbian niece’s wedding. It soon went viral, leading to her being invited to Pride celebrations in Sydney, Australia. Having seen the power of her music, she kept on creating.

She uploaded the tear-jerking Rainbow Flag – a tribute to the Pride flag – to her YouTube account on October 15 to share her love and support for the community. And at a recent conference in Provincetown, Massachusetts – where she was supporting her trans friend – Gay Star News caught up with her to find out what inspires her to write music.

“I want everyone to be in the family. I want all of the community to feel united,” she told them. “That’s the idea I had when I wrote that song. It doesn’t matter how you love or how you dress. It’s time to accept everyone and be yourself and be proud.

“This is my passion now,” she added. “It’s because I believe I hopefully bring in a different voice. I’m really enjoying getting to meet people who live through these struggles.

“I just wanted to address the progress we’re making is not enough.

Grab a tissue, and watch her adorable performance below.


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