Love has no labels

Kiss cams have been a part of football matches for decades.

Now the Advertising Council, an American non-profit organization and the brains behind Public Service Announcements, have put a new spin on them for their Love Has No Labels campaign.

Filmed at the 2017 NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando two weeks ago, the new clip celebrates love in all its diversity.

And the first couple is already indication that this kiss cam doesn’t discriminate.

The heart lands on a guy and girl. So far, so innocent, until after a moment’s hesitation the guy’s boyfriend leans in and claims a kiss – in front of literally everyone.

Following in their wake are just as diverse couples: mixed race, mixed religion, disabled, able-bodied.

Some are just friends, others are in relationships, but everyone is very, very happy.

Every new couple received plenty of cheers and support from the crowd.

But the real kicker comes when the cam lands on a lesbian couple.
One of the women is wearing a shirt proclaiming she’s a survivor of the Pulse shooting which left 49 dead and 53 injured.

The Love Has No Labels campaign started two years ago and is a push to ‘open our eyes to unconscious bias’.

It is a collaboration between the Ad Council and advertising agency R/GA.

Its supporters include the Human Rights Campaign and the Southern Poverty Law Center as well as companies like Pepsico, Google and Coca Cola.


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