Heartwarming Video Showcases A Gay Man’s Transition Into Caretaker!

Ahh, children. If babies and toddlers haven’t yet affected you, get prepared. It seems as if it was only yesterday that I was virtually rolling around in dirt with my best girlfriend from high school. Most of us have her. You know, the Grace to your Will. The older I get, more often I find myself thinking of my best girlfriend’s daughter. She’s a cute little tyke and I cannot get enough of her. Since my high school days, I’ve gone under the alias of “Mickey”. Whenever I see my best friend’s child, she puts her fists up to her head and struggles to say Mouse, recreating the iconic ears from Disney’s mascot.

Have you ever experienced having that talk with your best girlfriend? Offering her a cocktail and she simply tells you no with a smile? Because she’s, *gasp*, pregnant?! It’s happened to me! As we all grow, pregnancies aren’t horrifying as they were when we were younger. Hell, my best girlfriend is now actively trying to have another child with her husband. Scary!

I recently came across a video that entirely surprised me. It was so on point with exactly what I have experienced through my best friend having a baby. At first, you’re a little worried that your friend is being taken away from you. On any given situation, it’s not just the two of you anymore. The adjustment child becomes a bond that further unites you. You never want the baby to leave! These details, and more hilarious, candid moments, are captured in a viral video that has received over 7 million views since its’ release. It’s clear there are tons of fellow gay men who are relating to this heartwarming, funny video of a gay man growing up with his best friend’s baby.

Check out the video below!

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