Arson on a Synagogue by a white supremacist caught on video

Throughout the alarming surge of hate crimes in recent years, perpetrators have vandalized and burned down various places of worship all the while remaining unapologetic and showing no remorse. These vicious acts of bias are mostly rooted in the rising of blatant racism, xenophobia, and white nationalist ideology.

Often times, these crimes go unpunished because of improper surveillance, or the offenders have found ways to evade the law as they continue to walk among society with their true nature of hatred unknown.

Then there are those times, however, when the tables get turned on these societal rejects, and the universe opens up a can up whoopass.

In case you missed it, that is precisely what happened recently, when 52-year-old, white supremacist, Tristan Morgan doused a window opening with petrol, at Exeter Synagogue in the city of Exeter, Devon in the UK. To be more factual, the window was not open before Morgan smashed through it with a hammer, but once the glass was shattered, he put his plan of firey, hate-fueled destruction into action.

Somewhere in all his meticulous planning, inclusive of bringing a hammer, gasoline, and matches, Morgan forgot to consider science. As he attempted to set fire to the synagogue through the window, the petrol fumes ignited and intensified instantly by a ventilation backdraft. With the power of an industrial flame flower, Morgan took the full blast of the explosion to his face and head.

Luckily there was surveillance footage to capture his actions. The video was presented in open court showing the methodical process by which Morgan callously set fire to the synagogue. He had no consideration for the possibility that someone could have been inside as he set the blaze. There was no question that Morgan’s actions could have potentially been fatal if parishioners were present.

Ultimately, Morgan was charged with collecting information and encouraging terrorism but oddly, not accused of arson. A judicial assessment was eventually made that he was mentally unwell. He was committed to an indefinite stay at a psychological hospital, but many argue that because of the very cognisant way in which his synagogue fire was executed, he is entirely sane.

Morgan only suffered minor burns. In my opinion, the universe could have delivered a wee bit more punishment than that, but on the upside, nobody was hurt, and the synagogue is repairing the fire damage.

At least for now, Morgan is no longer a threat and the video of his smoking, singed hair and burnt face, as he walks away bewildered by his universal ass-kicking, will always be one of the greatest things ever on the internet.

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