We’ve featured Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey’s YouTube videos many times over the years.

And in his latest YouTube video, he examines, “The Art of Gay Friending.”

Dempsey recalls that when he first moved to Los Angeles, it was easy to meet people who wanted to make plans. However…

“But what i quickly realized was that I was mistaking everybody’s general pleasantries with people who were actually willing and able to follow-up, and wanted to create some friendships. And that was really hard.”

So what can you do to meet people, and create sustaining relationships?

That’s exactly what Dempsey, with the help of a few friends, has set out to discover.

He writes:

“You’d think it’d be easy to find your chosen family and feel like you belong in a community where everyone has struggled to come out, but side-eyes and thoughts of “these kweens” often times dominate over a friendly hello.”


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