Me (Jordan) and Jason have lived together for about two years. He’s a great roommate. Clean, quiet, pays bills and doesn’t eat all my food. It’s pretty great. Jason is straight and I am gay. He’s totally cool with it, and actually supports it!

Me and Jason met on a roommate online matchup, upon actually meeting him in person we hit it off right away. He was a nice guy, great personality, cute face, great body, and could dress very well. He was about 6’3 and you could tell he went to the gym often. He had messy brown hair and brown eyes. Very cute and soft face. I was obviously attracted to him, but never wanted to make him feel uncomfortable.

I’m 6’ in shape, but could go to the gym more, and eat less pizza. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and also a soft face. I think I’m cute, and other guys have told me I am.

One afternoon when Jason was at work I was home by myself and knew I had some time before he got home so I decided to be a little adventurous. I don’t normally walk around in my underwear, but I wanted to today. I put on my favorite pair of underwear (bright green spandex briefs.) and after doing some stuff around the house I felt it was a good time for a wank. Since I was already in my underwear, and feeling adventurous I thought I’d just jerk it on the couch in the living room. And I did. It was great, the tv up loud, me freely jerking it, no one to hear me or see me…. Then I heard the garage door open. Shit shit shit. I quickly turn off the TV hide the lotion and put the Kleenex back where they should be.

Jason walks in from the garage door

Jason- What’s up Jordan I decided to leave work early, want to get some dinner? Before you answer… tell me why you’re only wearing your underwear.

It was clear what I was doing but maybe he didn’t realize.

Me- Oh I was in the middle of changing but I was cozy so I decided to just stay in them because you weren’t home, but here you are. Honestly I’m so embarrassed.

Jason- Don’t be. I do the same thing, haha.

Me- Oh well shit I don’t care if you walk around in your underwear when I’m home.

Jason- Really?? Why didn’t I know this before?

So he goes to his room, gets down to his boxers and a shirt and comes out of his room while I’m now on the couch.


Jason- We should have been doing this a long time ago. It’s so freeing!

Me- that’s why I do it! I’d be worried you’d feel uncomfortable so I never brought it up.

Jason- Well that’s nice of you. So what should we do??

Me- I’ll get some dinner ready unless you want to go get something?

Jason- You know what, let’s stay in tonight, watch a movie, and order some pizza.

Me- that sounds awesome!

So we get a movie going, eat our pizza, all while we’re both half naked. It’s kind of awesome. I love doing this. But instead of staying up and enjoying it. I fell asleep on the couch next to Jason during the movie. I was woke up by what I thought was the sound of jerking off. I think to myself. “Is Jason jerking off next to me on the couch?” I slightly open my eyes hoping he won’t notice and I see him on the other chair just going to town on himself while watching his phone. It’s really hot. He’s got a girthy dick, 7in, smooth, and a little bit of hair. Plus it curves a little. I love that.

I think to myself “This is my shot to try and make a move. I’m horny enough now, let’s do it.”

Me waking up.

Me- Jason, are you jerking off???

Jason- oh dude I thought you were asleep! Fuck this is embarrassing.

Me- No it’s cool, don’t worry about it, just finish up, and I’ll go in my room. Unless it’s okay if I stay here. I’m really comfortable.

Jason- Ummm yeah sure I guess. Just don’t look.

Me- sure! But first show me what you’re watching.

He shows me the video of this guy with a huge dick getting deep throated. It looks pretty good.

Me- Not to be weird, but would you mind if I jerked it with you? We can watch it on the big screen.

Jason- You know what.. sure. Let’s get crazy.

So we do. And about 5 minutes into it all I can do it look at Jason stroking. It’s so hot to me. And then he notices me staring.

Jason- So do you like what you see? Haha.

Me- Sorry man, I got distracted. You’re just so big! Haha I bet the ladies like that.

Jason- They do! You’re not small man, it looks like you’ve got a nice dick too. (I’m 6 in girthy, smooth, a bit of a bush, and straight standing dick)

Me- Thanks man? Haha thought you were straight.

Jason- I am, but this has got me thinking differently.

this is for sure my shot

Me- If it isn’t too weird for you, I can help you finish and that will help you figure out if you want to try being with guys?

Jason-… you know what?? We’ve gone this far. Why not?

So I go over to him, tell him to stand up, I get on my knees, grab his huge cock and lick it from his balls to his head and he shudders and spits this out “ooohhhhh Joooordan that’s awesome” so I start slowly stroking him, he’s got his eyes closed, breathing heavily after a few minutes I stop, and ask him if it would be okay for me to suck him off. He nods while in full pleasure. I had him. I grab his dick and shove it in my mouth. It’s better than I thought. I feel him pulsing in my mouth and I’m loving this, as is he. I grab his little bubble butt and squeeze him as far into my mouth as I can. Jason mutters “i think I’m gonna cum” so I stop for a second, lick my finger and in the heat of the moment, sucked harder, felt him tense up, and stuck my finger in his ass. He fucking CAME. He moaned really loudly, his leg cramped, and pumped about 3-4 ropes in my mouth , I pull him out of my mouth and he shoots a few more ropes on my face and chin. When he finally finishes cumming he looks down, as I’m still on my knees, soft smile, blowjob eyes admiring him, and my face is splattered with his hot cum.

Me- so how did you like it? With a soft flirty tone

Jason- That was awesome. I haven’t cum that hard in a while. Do you want me to get you off too?

Me- Only if you want to, no pressure.

Jason- I want to try. I think it’d be an interesting experience.

Me- Good choice winks where do you want me?

Jason- Sit on the couch, that’ll be easiest. But let me get a rag or something for you to clean my cum off your face.

He gets me a rag, gets it wet with warm water and cleans me off. It’s so sweet and sensual. I can’t believe this is happening. I’m seeing a totally new side of Jason and I love it.

Jason getting on his knees

Jason- How do I do this? Just start jerking you off?

Me- Yeah! Just do what you would think feels good.

Boys a natural. He starts by slowly jerking me, and sucking lightly on my balls. Does that for a while, then just jerks me off and asks me if I’m going to cum soon. Told him I’d let him know when I’m really close. He nodded and said “I’m going to suck it, tell me if this feels alright” I tell him just do as he would want done to him.

Again. A natural. He’s bobbing, using his tongue, playing with my balls. He’s going to make me cum soon. I feel it start getting close so I tell him that and then he deep throats me takes me out of his mouth, tells me to stand up, so I do and he does just like I did. Grabbed my ass, licked his finger and put me back in his mouth. It was so warm again and I was so in the moment I couldn’t think straight. I was about to blow. “ Jason I’m gonna cum!” He stuck his finger in my ass, forced me further down his throat and I exploded. I felt the ropes shooting in his throat and mouth. He wasn’t ready and couldn’t take it. So he coughs, pulls me out while I’m still cumming and I get it all over him and his face. It’s kind of funny. So I try and gain balance to get him some water and when I return I notice his face is beat red, covered in cum and he’s so satisfied. It’s so cute.

Jason- That was crazy, did I do good?

Me-Yeah I’d say so. Did you like doing it?

Jason- Kinda, it took too long. But over all good experience! We’ll have to try it another time.

Me- Sounds good. I’m tired so I’m going to sleep. Goodnight!

Jason-Should we sleep together? I kind of want to cuddle now.

Me- Yeah sure!

So we did. We slept on my bed, his arms over my body, my butt pressed firmly up against his crotch, I felt safe, warm, and comfortable.

Jason and I have hooked up again. But I’ll save that story for another time.