Feeling the Monday blues? These gorgeous guys are here to help…

So many shirtless selfies, festival outings and of course more wet divers than you can shake… A stick at – It’s our Instagram Monday roundup.

Jack shared a picture from his final session with the boys.

HTGAWM’s Matt McGory shared this awesome snap of Conrad Ricamora and a pooch.

Who became a HTGAWM Instagram celeb.

Max Emerson showed off his tush.

Harry Shum Jnr shared a shocked snap from the Teen Choice Awards.

Yona met Betsy Sharp at training.

Simon Dunn shared a post shower selfie.

Russell and Rocky went for a walkie.

Aidan Dowling shared his latest workout routine.

Seann Miley Moore gave us some Ariana realness.

Chris Mears showed off the boys’ acrobatic skills. We wonder how they decided who would be top and who would be bottom…

Ronald Epps caught up with his family.

And the Warwick Rowers went tree climbing.

Have a good Monday, guys!