The Kentucky clerk is still on a roll, in and out of jail and continuing her campaign against same sex marriages. Kim Davis, who made headlines when she refused to issue marriage licenses to couples of the same sex and who ended up a jail bird for her actions is now in for a boomerang surprise in her own backyard.

Kim Davis in her hometown
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‘Dear Kim Davis,

The fact that you can’t sell your daughter for three goats and a cow means we’ve already redefined marriage’

Talk about original! There is nothing hackneyed in this phrase as Planting Peace, a non-profit organization slam-dunks a billboard in Davis’s own hometown voicing their disgust about Kim Davis’s prejudices against LGBT people.

Kim Davis
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The message shrouded heavily in a personal tone is directed to Kim Davis, who was just released from her brief jail stint. Davis was taken into custody when she refused to issue marriage licenses to Kentucky’s eager gay couples lining up to make their union legal after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of such marriages.

Meanwhile, there was a clamor at the Kentucky County office last week. Several same-sex couples took advantage of Kim’s absence to secure their marriage licenses from her office without risk of being lectured on religious teachings and being refused their right to marriage. With Davis already behind bars other offices aligning with her on the marriage issue were rather subdued during this process.

Kim Davis
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Davis will be returning to work shortly and will be obliged to issue same-sex marriage licenses when requested. Aaron Jackson head of Planting Peace, the non-profit organization says that the billboard’s message is to expose the hypocrisy of those who choose to follow selective biblical laws in the name of religion instead of embracing wholesome values.

Coming home from jail, Davis is bound to see the billboard with the picture of three goats and a cow and the quirky phrase personally directed to her. The ball is in her court. Will she pass or play? Wait for more updates as we follow Kim Davis saga. Meanwhile, it is selfie time for those heading towards Davis’s billboard road.