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Want to make your summer that much hotter? Are you into some seriously sexy dudes that are covered in fur from head to toe? Could I sound anymore like a sex operator here?

Hairy guys come in all shapes and sizes and look damn good so while doing it. You can find us in the summer months strolling through the park in revealing ensembles while grabbing the attention of onlookers who want to bathe in our fur and make out with our beards.

Maybe you haven’t tried one of us out yet but are curious to know what it’s like to be with a spectacularly furry dude with a great smile, eyes and the occasionally big eggplant and/or peach combo. 

These twenty dudes in our community prove just how sexy hairy men can be. So relax, grab a drink, cool yourself down and scroll through this deliciously amazing list of guys.

Quinn Hopkins

Kenny McGill

R. Buggs

Charlie Conard

Josh Winston

Will McKinney

Gabriel Urena

Chris H. 

Frank Pulice

John Barreto

Mike Mazz

Gustavo Alvarez

Nate The Cub 

Jephthah Lawson

Ali Mushtaq

David Collins



Jon Fischer


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