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Former Kyle XY star Matt Dallas and his husband, Blue Hamilton have adopted a child and they are extremely happy because this is the family they’ve always dreamed of.

The couple talked to People Magazine about the process of adoption. They recall reading many stories of children in foster care.

“There were so many kids, and so many stories that broke our hearts,” says Hamilton, 36, of the 19,000 children in foster care in the couple’s home state of Arizona. “I was obsessed. Every night in bed I’d pull out my iPad and say, ‘Look at this story.’ So many kids! And then they age out of the system at 18. We wanted to feel like we were doing something good for a child out there.”

When Crow was 22 months old, the couple received the news that he’s going to live with them.

We didn’t have diapers or food or toys,” says Dallas. “We spent the whole day getting ready. We were giddy!

Five months later the adoption was official, and Crow was a permanent member of the family. However, for Blue and Matt, it seemed as if Crow had always been there.

It’s as if he’s always been here,” Dallas said. “Blue and I both knew that we would love [an adopted child] the same [as a biological one]. The amount of time we spend with that kid and the bond we have, it makes no difference. He’s ours.

He is so magnetic,” Hamilton revealed. “No matter where we go, people just zoom into this kid. He’s special. He could change the world.

In the end, this was the family we had imagined in our dreams,” Hamilton adds.

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