The return of Queer Eye (sans ‘for the straight guy’) on Netflix has sparked some thoughtful debate about the cultural relevance of this type of programming. We were awfully skeptical about the revamp, but there’s also something about it that strikes an emotionally satisfying chord.

It’s also sparked some less-than-thoughtful debate, and that’s what brings us together now.

Oddly, it centers around the otherwise-unassuming food guru, Antoni Porowski. Junkee asked this extremely unimportant and amusing question: Can he actually cook? The man sure does love avocados.

And here’s another Porowski debate that has us divided: Does his admittedly cute boyfriend, Joey Krietemeyer, count as a boyfriend twin?

It’s like the great “blue and black vs. white and gold” dress debacle of 2015 all over again. Except not even remotely.

You be the judge, and whichever way you slice this avocado, they make a cute pair:

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