She may have come very close to snagging the crown on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10, and while she did not grab that one, Asia O’Hara is back with her hypnotic new single “Crown Up”. Trust me when I tell you; this crown sparkles just as brightly. 

“Crown Up” is a throbbing dance track, complete with O’Hara laying out rhymes of her own, showing a crispness to her verses, along with some tongue in cheek homage paid to some of her Drag Race sisters. Asia calls the percussion heavy track a true call to action for all of us. “The song was inspired by the universal need for everyone to wake up, remember who we are, and what our purpose is” she explains from her home in Texas. “It’s time we all put on our crowns and rise to the occasion”. 

“Crown Up” is produced by KOIL x Vito Fun. The track definitely has tribal elements, but the video keeps it ultra high glam. With elements of haute couture fashion and O’Hara’s pageant personality sprinkled throughout, the video (shot on location in Italy by Marco Ovando) puts Asia O’Hara in place as the queen of what looks to be a deserted Italian mansion. 

Asia O’Hara will be premiering “Crown Up” this Saturday with a performance at DragCon in Los Angeles.

Asia stated definitively “I hope the song inspires fans to put on whatever crown their bloodline has given them and serve their true life’s purpose”.

Now grab those bobby pins and adjust your wig children; it’s time to let Asia O’Hara show us all how to “Crown Up”.

Asia O’Hara’s “Crown Up” is available now on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms.

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