Image via Marvel Comics

Marvel is changing their Marvel Comics #1000 cover over a gay kiss included in the picture. But, it’s not for the reason you’re thinking.

Marvel Comics is currently preparing for their special #1000 issue. In order to celebrate, the company is creating a variant cover as a collage of art from various Marvel Comics of the past.

While general excitement followed the release of the photo, one Twitter user by the name of Symbiobro found a mistake within the image. Within the photo is a scene of two men kissing. While this would normally be something to celebrate, Symbiobro points out how the scene is actually from a rivaling company.

The image of two men kissing comes from a page in DC Comics’ Earth 2 #2. The kiss is held between Alan Scott, the Green Lantern of Earth 2, and his lover.

Artist Nicola Scott, who penciled the scene, joined in to comment on and joke about the mistake.

This led to a Twitter user named Mr. Garcin responding to the thread and explaining that the image was found online. That said, Marvel Comics later confirmed that the collage will be altered to remove the image.

But we have an idea of what should replace the image. Instead of losing the depiction of a gay kiss, perhaps Marvel should swap in the image of Young Avengers heroes Hulkling and Wiccan having their first on-page kiss. Of course, Symbiobro agrees.


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