The gay mayor of Seattle has been accused of allegedly raping a teenager and two others 20 years ago.

Allegations have been bought against the 61-year-old mayor, Ed Murray, for having sex with minors in the late 1980’s.


The plaintiff’s case states that Murray had sex with the minor in 1986 and would pay him between $10 and $20 for sex. Sex with a person under the age of 16 is considered rape in the state.
The plaintiff has decided to make the case now after his father died.

The plaintiff’s lawyer wrote: “These moments of reflection, and awareness that Mr. Murray maintains a position of authority, prompted the filing of this lawsuit in an attempt at accountability.

“And to hopefully give courage for other potential victims to come forward and speak out.”

Two other men have also claimed that Murray had sex with them when they were underage.

Jeff Reading, Murray’s spokesperson, added that the “accusations” were “intended to damage a prominent elected official”.

He said: “It is not a coincidence that this shakedown effort comes within weeks of the campaign filing deadline.”

The spokesperson added that two former accusations similar to the ones currently raised were “promoted by extreme right-wing antigay activists in the midst of the marriage equality campaign”.

“They were thoroughly investigated and dismissed by both law enforcement authorities and the media. Mayor Murray will vigorously fight these allegations in court.”

Bob Sulkin, Murray’s attorney, claimed that the allegations were “false” and insisted that “these types of lawsuits is now the cost of being a public figure.”

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these allegations have occurred in the midst of a mayoral campaign,” Sulkin added.
The lawyer said they would be “defending the lawsuit vigorously” and that the mayor would still “do his job for the city of Seattle”.


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