comic con proposal

​This year 7,000 excited fans were able to watch how visual effects and make-up artists Barry Bishop and Billy Brooks got engaged in front of the audience!

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It happened in the San Diego Convention Center, where thousands of fans were eager to hear about the web series, Con Man, starring Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk. One of the show’s makeup artists, Barry Bishop, was on stage with the cast and claimed that he had a surprise for his partner, Billy Brooks, who had joined him on stage.

“They were asking the cast a minute ago who was the most amazing person in Hollywood you’ve worked with,” he said, as he held his partner’s hand, “and I just want to say, Billy Brooks, I love you baby with all my heart and soul and will you please marry me?”

The audience cheered the couple the whole time. Watch the video below.

By the way, they’ve already got the engagement rings


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