Guys Sound Off On What It Was Like To Be Gay In...

Guys Sound Off On What It Was Like To Be Gay In The ’90s

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A young writer working on project about gay life in the mid-1990s recently turned to Reddit for help with his research, and the responses have been surprisingly interesting.

Here’s what the original post says:

I’m a writer and I was curious about this. There’s a lot of information about the 80s (for obvious reasons) but not a ton about the 90s. I’m pretty young so I don’t remember much about the 90s, so I’d appreciate the help.The story is set in 1995, in LA. It would help a lot to know stuff specifically about LA, but if you just have information about what it was like in the mid 90s that’s good, too.Things like how and where gay guys met, the after-effects and continuation of the AIDs crisis, political climate, any of that stuff is good. I’ve done some reading but I feel like it’s not enough.Thank you so much for your time and responses.

Now, check out some of the replies…

Several people mention the homophobic social and political atmosphere in the country at the time.

“The Religious Right was still very powerful at that point,” one person writes. “Look up how Bill Clinton’s sex scandal nearly brought down his presidency. Look at the discussions around DADT and DOMA.”

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“I remember being scared to come out because my parents (or at least my mom) openly used anti-gay language, would listen to Dr. Laura in the car when we went somewhere, and would openly comment against pro-gay causes,” another person adds.

“Los Angeles in general was kind of liberal, but not so liberal as it’s become over the last 20 years,” a third person chimes in. “CA was still electing Republican governors. The anti-gay marriage Prop. 22 passed in 2000, including being voted for by a majority of people in Los Angeles.”

They also mention how gay men started fleeing en masse from small towns and rural areas to bigger cities where they could live their lives more openly.

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