The Imperial College Business School has announced it has joined the ROMBA scheme to help support future LGBTQ business leaders. ROMBA is an organisation that seeks to educate, empower, and connect graduate business students from the LGBTQ community.

In order to do this, ROMBA helps schools host outreach events which encourages people to discuss LGBTQ issues in the workplace, and help promote positive change.

The Imperial College Business School will also be able to offer a student The ROMBA Fellowship, which is a £20,000 scholarship given to an MBA student who has demonstrated themselves in championing LGBTQ leadership in business.

Joel McConnell, the executive director of marketing, recruitment and admissions at the college, said: “Achieving diversity within the world of business remains a challenge.

“Imperial has had a long history of raising awareness of LGBTQ+ representation within STEM industries, so I’m optimistic that our membership of ROMBA will help us further enhance our diverse business school community and connect MBA students with leading companies which actively recruit LGBTQ+ professionals.”

Imperial has also got an LGBTQ Business Club, which was founded by one if its students, Ivan Kovynyov. He said: “Whilst business schools have always encouraged students to be authentic and bring their whole selves to the classroom, there has been a lot of discussion about whether students should disclose their LGBTQ+ identity as part of their application.

“However, as more companies are now actively recruiting from the LGBTQ+ community, students are feeling more empowered to be open and champion the issues that matter to them. Imperial’s partnership with ROMBA will further the progress we’re making to create a more diverse and inclusive learning environment.”


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