gay sauna

So I bet you can’t wait to find out what happened next with my mysterious gym hunk from the first part of the story My dirty gay date in the gym?

Obviously, because we never got to finish what we started in the sauna, I left the gym feeling wired and electric. I couldn’t believe something like that had happened – and with someone so hot! Obviously, every time I went to the gym after that I kept an eye out for him, but sadly he was never around. Still, I was enjoying going to the gym; it was something different to do after work or at the weekend, rather hat just watching TV or staying in bed. And there were LOTS of other fit guys there too – just none who were interested in anything more than lifting weights.

gay date in the gym
Still, I was enjoying going to the gym –

Eventually, after going a few months, I got over being intimidated by the weights area. I realised if I was ever going to put on the muscle I wanted to put on then I’d have to at least start lifting some dumbbells. I guess like a lot of things in life, as soon as I started lifting weights there I wondered what I’d ever been so nervous about; and the guys, who all looked so big and intimidating, were all so friendly! I guess everyone was a beginner, once.

oral sex

And then I saw him again.

I was doing bench presses, and part way through I realized I’d put on too much weight and wouldn’t be able to rack the bar back – it was so scary, you suddenly realize this heavy metal bar is about to fall on your chest because you can’t hold it up any more! I mush have called out, because the next thing I knew I saw two strong hands grab the bar and rack it. I looked up – and it was him! He smiled down at me – that same smile I’d seen before – and offered to help spot me while I lifted. I’m amazingly shy, but how could I say no?!

gay date in the gym
I lay back down on the bench and he stood just behind me –

I lay back down on the bench and he stood just behind me, so close his thighs were almost touching my head, so close I could feel the warmth coming from his body, smell she fresh sweat and musk from his crotch. I had idea if I’d be able to get through the workout since I was feeling so dizzy, so electric just being near him.


I felt my cock begin to swell and panicked – what if people saw?!…

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