Famous singer of the hit “Tik Tok” helped her two fans who turned out to be gay couple get engaged during her show at Disney World.

KESHA invited them both on the stage for an unforgettable proposal in front of the hundreds of people.

Singer was performing during Disney World’s One Magical Weekend festival held in Orlando when she invited Joseph Negrelli and his boyfriend on stage for the biggest and the most important moment in their lives.


In a video taken by one man from the public, Kesha is holding a microphone up to Joseph while he is telling his partner Naveed:

“I never knew I could love anybody in the world as much as you. Since the day I met you, my life has just become so much better.”

Joseph told after concert:

“I had been wanting to propose for a while, just was not sure how to do it, so I just decided to message her on Instagram and never thinking in a million years she’d ever get back to me, and then she did! She put me in touch with her manager, and tried to hammer out the details from there.”

Joseph added that Naveed thought they had won a concert competition and got an opportunity of personal meeting with the singer, and after they were both brought on stage blindfolded he got down on one knee.

Sharing a photo of themselves together with the singer, Joseph wrote:

“We can’t thank you enough @iiswhoiis for making this the most incredible, amazing, and beautiful moment of our lives that we will cherish forever. It means the world to us!”

Source: twitter.com

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