Her new single is being described as having a “Spinning Around” vibe.

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The return of Kylie Minogue is almost upon us. In a new interview UK DJ and producer Sigala (real name: Bruce Fielder) dropped some hints about the Princess of Pop’s new album, and how she might be going the “purposeful pop” route à la Katy Perry.


“It looks like her album could be her most political yet too, with talk of tracks covering issues like LGBT rights,” reports The Sun. “Kylie just wants to make an album that will start conversations.”

Fielder, the man behind hits like “Easy Love,” is the producer behind what is most likely Minogue’s lead single off the album—which he describes as having a “’Spinning Around’ vibe.”

”I’m influenced a lot by the Nineties so it makes sense for me to work with her. It fitted really well,” Fielder said. “It’s cool that it sounds throwback but it needs to sound modern as well to take Kylie’s career forward.”

“It’s about waiting for somebody to tell you how they feel and being like, ‘Come on, let’s get it out in the open and stop messing around. Tell me what you’re waiting for.’”

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The new album should also give fans some hints to what happened between Minogue and her ex-fiancé Joshua Sasse.

“She has gone into serious detail on some of the songs and it has helped her make sense of everything. It was obviously a very tough time but throwing herself into music has been an amazing help,” a source told The Sun.

According to Felder her new song is “all about honesty.”

“After splitting from Joshua maybe that’s why she picked it because she wants people to be honest with her,” he added. “It’s for her album, that’s the plan. Hopefully the next single.”

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And so it continues ….. ?

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Not many details are known about Minogue’s upcoming 14th studio album, but the singer has been posting a lot of pics from inside the recording studio. She has reunited with songwriter Richard “Biff” Stannard (who co-wrote her hits “Love At First Sight” and “In Your Eyes” off of her 2001 album Fever), Xenomania producer Brian Higgins and Guy Chambers.

Minogue signed with a new record label back in February, BMG, and is excited about the future with her new home:

“It feels like it has been a while and I am signed with a new label with fantastic, fantastic fresh new energy,” she said. “I know what I want to do — I know it’s the right partnership.”


We think a Minogue comeback single sounds like the perfect soundtrack for the summer.


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