Musician Lil Nas X lashed out on social media against people who have been sending him homophobic messages since he came out.

Chart-topping rapper Lil Nas X came out in a set of tweets earlier this week. While most of the public responses have been positive, it doesn’t take much searching to find negative comments.

Like this one that mentions the Bible.

Or people who went out of their way to say they can’t “support” him.

Others posted video of them deleting his songs.

Some people on Twitter sent offensive memes that were transphobic, referenced bestiality, or were just about how gross they think gay sex is.

There are so many that are public, and who knows how many he’s been receiving privately.

So Lil Nas X responded en masse to everyone sending him offensive messages.

He also posted an image to Instagram.

He joked about the people who said they won’t listen to him anymore.

And he responded to those who said that his hit single “Old Town Road” wasn’t about being a cowboy and riding horses, but was about gay sex or sex with horses.

Some of his fans loved the clapbacks.


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