Pete Buttigieg talking

To borrow a term from Ronald Reagan, he has “The Big Mo” (as in momentum).

Presidential hopeful Mayor Pete Buttigieg sent gasps through the political world as he announced his donation haul for the second quarter of 2019: a whopping $24.8 million.

$24.8 million!

The openly-gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana and Afgan war veteran caused a sensation when he announced his run for the Democratic Presidential Nomination earlier this year.

In a matter of just a few months, Buttigieg has attracted wide attention for his political style and goals, along with 400,000 unique donors.

Last week, he also drew accolades for his debate performance, in which he overshadowed early nomination front runner, Vice President Joe Biden.

According to CNN:

Buttigieg currently polls around fifth among the Democratic candidates, after Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Sen. Kamala Harris.

His grassroots campaigning has sent a clear message through the Democratic field: he’s here to stay.


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