We used to watch girls posing for selfie making so called “duck face”. But it is better to say to clear up this term duck lips. Okey, girls pretend pumping up lips to look better and a bit girlish or even sexier. It’s typical for them. But what do you think of men doing selfies with such a gesture of face?

Really, a lot of guys do it. It’s looks a bit weird, not even attractive, and, frankly speaking, needs to be addressed why they do it.

The phenomenon of ‘duck face’ can be boiled down to one simple thing, insecurity,” a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist from LA, Jake Myers told in his interview with Queerty.

“Almost all gay men grow up with some level of feeling less than, not acceptable, or different. Because of this, we often have a base line of insecurity that we must overcome.

The therapist added, “Pursing out your lips is another way of screaming not only ‘notice me!’, but ‘notice how sexy I am!’ The problem with this is that it’s superficial validation. You can’t really feel better about yourself because someone else notices you and thinks you’re sexy. Happiness and self acceptance must come from within.

Just check it out! What a funny, strange and even unattractive look these guys have.

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