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A Friday night out did not end up well for Mister Gay Belgium 2017. While out in his home town of Roeselare, Belgium, Mister Gay Belgium 2017, Jaimie De Blieck was attacked from behind, pushed to the ground, stomped on, and called him a ‘fucking homo.’

Saturday morning, after reporting the attack to the police and from the hospital, Jaimie posted a message on Instagram:

The translation is:

Attacking me from behind and stamping is one thing. Calling me “fucking gay” after that, you’re gonna regret it. I’m not leaving it here, you coward.

“Jaimie is disappointed and angry,” Mister Gay Belgium organizer Bram Bierkens told ZiZo. “But he is a strong personality, and he has also survived threats and other negative comments after his election. I do not understand why people do something like that,” says Bierkens. “We are still far from acceptance.”

The Zizo post goes on to stress that if there is an occurrence of violence, someone should be told. There needs to be record of these attacks. If there are no records, then there seems to be no problems. “Always make a declaration”

“Making a declaration is very important,” says Borgs. “In this way, we can form a correct picture of where problems are occurring and under what circumstances, you can report LGBT and transphobic violence via the Uni-form app, and you choose whether or not your report should be passed on to the police. No then immediately contact the emergency number 112. ” – ZiZo

I had never heard of the Uni-form app so I had to look it up. Here’s a quick video about the app.

Besides the Facebook post, Jaimie Deblieck had this to say about the attack:

“Your support is what is going to pull me through these hard days and for that I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart”, says Jamie Deblieck after a busy day in the media. “Last night’s attack, apart from some muscles, I did not keep anything.”

“A complaint has been filed against the perpetrator and the public prosecutor’s office will take this matter to the bottom, and I want to tell you why I chose to stand in front of the media.” A lot of people in our country just like me to deal with physical aggression because of their nature and are not yet daring to come out. ”

“That’s why I decided to distribute my statement through the media landscape, such as the Unia, the police, gay clubs and the Uni-form app where you can report such matters. I tried this message today to share my best. “


Jaimie appears in the intro video found on as he was part of the selection process for this years competitors.

The 12 Finalists Mr. Gay Belgium 2018 want to make a clear gesture against gaybashing! This in particular to show their support against Jaimie Deblieck and anyone who has already had to deal with aggression because of his or her orientation. #Stopgaybashing #Zwijgnietlanger #Samensterk #mgb2018

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We wish you a speedy recovery Jaimie!

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