Hi, I am Lori and I would like to share to everyone my first lesbian experience. I was at a conference in Houston. I was at a conference in Houston.  It was so humid, after five minutes outside you were soaked all over with sticky sweat – the kind that begs for a shower as fast as you can get to one.  But, the beauty of this hotel was that it had a temperature controlled, salt water pool.  That was what I had to do when I got back.  Getting off the shuttle, I practically ran to my room which was on the second floor, and had a sliding glass door to go right out to the pool deck.  I put my suit on, covered up with their swanky robe and went outside.  It was near dusk and the bright orange sun could be seen reflecting on the water.

first lesbian experience


Then I saw her.  She was beautiful.  She sat at the water’s edge, dangling her legs so enticingly.  No one was around her, actually no one was anywhere around except one waiter.  I threw my robe down on a lounge 3 seats away, and dove into the deep end and swam clear to the other end where she sat.  I broke the surface of the water, and accidently brushed her leg on my way up. I quickly said “Oh, I’m Sorry!”  She smiled with these full lips and a beautiful smile that could’ve had me melting right there. She said “No worries, hon, it felt good.” Well, that was my cue.  I pulled myself up, sitting on the edge right next to her.  Her slightly curly brown hair was cascading past her shoulders.  She was wearing one of those bikinis that if she moved the wrong way, It would fall off.  I wanted to see everything.  She knew it too.  She told me her name was Donna, she didn’t wear a ring.

first lesbian experience


I stood up. I asked her if she wanted to go towards my private cabana.  I pointed toward it, and she nodded as she raised her eyebrows. I took her left hand and we went into the cabana. It had a couch, 2 chairs, drapes and a huge flat screen on the wall.  I turned on a soft music station.  She went over and tied the drapes on each side.  I sat down on the couch expecting she would join me.   Instead, she reached behind her neck and untied her bikini which fell off to the floor in front of her. I think I gasped in awe- she was perfect, natural, with a gorgeous body, and hips I wanted to hold.

first lesbian experience

She leaned forward, took my bikini top down as she stared into my eyes.  Her eyes were bright blue, and I was mesmerized as she locked her lips with mine, running her fingertips down my chest.  I got the chills at that point, pulling her on top of me.  We kissed for a good 20 minutes, lightly touching and caressing, chest to chest, on our side, legs interlocked.  I slid my hand down her belly to remove her bikini bottom, but she had already taken it off. I merely left my hand right there as a constant reminder.  Instead she then removed my bikini bottom, with heavy pressure on me, I moaned, her smile grew.  I realized this really had never happened before.  I was very caught up in the moment, with absolutely no logical thought involved.  I instinctively slid down her body, running my tongue down her belly, I reached her special place, scented of jasmine and lavender.  For an hour I pleasured her.  She tried to muffle her moans into her hand, into a pillow.  She finally collapsed, limp with the exhaustion of pleasure, I crawled back up to her- we kissed some more.  As the sun finally set, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When I awoke, it was dark, and very quiet.  The only thing I could hear was the very soft echo of classical music from the TV.  She was gone.  I was disappointed, but slightly humored.  My first one night stand!  Then I looked over to the chair….and there sat her bikini bottoms.  Next to them a note.  The note read “I’ll come pick these up before sunset…..See you then.”  Surprise. Surprise.

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