The film was shot in secrecy due to India’s extreme LGBT laws.

Sudhanshu Saria’s debut feature, a gay love story shot entirely on location in India, will receive an exclusive global launch May 1 on Netflix, Deadline reports. The film premiered last year at SXSW.


Because homosexuality in India is still a crime and punishable by life imprisonment, the filmmakers took a risk and produced Loev in secrecy.

“I didn’t think it would be possible to cast or finance a film like this,” says Saria in a statement. “So to find ourselves on the cusp of a worldwide release is truly spectacular. It speaks to Netflix’s taste and the way in which they empower filmmakers.”


According to an official synopsis, Loev follows two friends—Wall Street dealmaker Jai (Shiv Pandit) and Mumbai-based music producer Sahil (Dhruv Ganesh)—on an emotional road trip where “chances are missed, truths are evaded, and an unexpected love develops.”

Watch the Loev trailer below:


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