gay life
He just looks at me and smiles and I can see he is happy.

I grab my best friend’s arm as we get off the train and beam with excitement. It has been half a year already since we got the concert tickets for our favorite band and today is the big day.

We made sure to be on an early train and be on the line before 10AM. I look at her, she is smiling and we are singing and I find myself mirroring her smile. It is the middle of the summer and although it is still morning and we are in our shorts and tank-tops, we know it will be a hot day.

I run and hug him, then we all get on the bus –

We direct for the bus and there I see him – my boyfriend, waiting for us to come. I run and hug him, then we all get on the bus. We wander a bit until we find the stadium and once we do, we tag along in the already forming line. There we sit on the warm ground and talk to complete strangers as if they are our besties, we draw the band’s symbols on each other’s arms and tell stories. I feel so happy and I glance at my boyfriend sitting beside me. “I love watching how you communicate with people and how you’re so happy,” he says and takes my hand in reassurance that he is not bored.

gay life
I might actually love this boy. –

The few people that decide to emphasize the fact that we are gay are happy for us and make no comments at all.
A friend of ours joins us just as they open the doors and I say goodbye to my boyfriend, because he doesn’t like the band and therefore hasn’t got a ticket.
The event is a whole fest and many bands go by until our band shows up last. The day goes on filled with excitement and singing, and screaming, and meeting new people, and laughing and jumping and tearing up holes on my sneakers and our skins burning under the hot rays of the sun.
It’s 10PM now and our band is up – the whole audience goes crazy. We sing in unison with the front man and at the end when he starts pulling up people on stage, I’m so disappointed I’m too far for him to see me.

gay life
It’s 10PM now and our band is up –

But then he points out and pulls up someone familiar. I look in closer and just before he start speaking, I recognize my boyfriend. He asks the front man to give me a shout out and pull me up as well. Everything happens so fast and before I know it, I’m up. I exchange a few quick words which I don’t remember with the vocalist – my idol – and my boyfriend kisses me on stage.
Later on that night I crash at his place as it is not my city that we’re in and thank him over and over again and tear up in joy. He just looks at me and smiles and I can see he is happy.
And I realize – I might actually love this boy.

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