Megan Vice comes tearing back to pop radio in a perfectly summery way with Super Delicious, an EP that combines her rapid fire lyrics coupled with infectious anthems, with the title track being the perfect example. Produced by Kyle Kelso, Megan and indie pop stunner Catey Shaw came up with the original idea for the title track after hearing the fun, flirty instrumental from Catey’s producer/songwriter husband, Jay Levine. “Catey and I wrote a silly love song about junk food and then I worked with Kyle to give it a more grittier kick,” Megan explains. “I love this song so much. It puts me in a great mood whenever I listen to it and I hope it does the same for everyone else!”

Vice is a “Native New Yorker” in every single sense of the word. Her lyrics are irreverent and her music is whip smart, combining tastes of Daft Punk and early Janet Jackson. The Super Delicious EP is the perfect batch of tracks to toss onto your summer playlist. From “Nobody Freakin”, which is a girl power jam to “Hold Up (Be My Lady)”, an R&B tinged number, to the feel good anthem “Dressed To Kill”, Vice has a little bit of something to get each of us to the dance floor. 


“Super Delicious” is the first single from Megan Vice’s new Super Delicious EP, being distributed through the Brooklyn indie label, Peace Bisquit.

“SuperDelicious” is available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms now. The EP releases June 14. Along with the song and EP, Megan Vice is releasing a perfectly themed new music video of the title track that she directed, shot on the completely on brand beaches of Fire Island. With gorgeous boys and scenery serving as the backdrop for “Super Delicious” we may have a new pop banger on our hands!


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