Ricardo Rosselló

Ricardo Rosselló, the mired governor of Puerto Rico, will resign under mounting public pressure.

Officials close to Rosselló have said he will resign later today, delivering a farewell address in the afternoon. The governor has faced increasing scrutiny after 900 pages of private chat and text messages leaked to the press, and revealed Rosselló using homophobic and sexist language, and mocking the victims of Hurricane Maria.

Known as “Telegramgate,” the scandal implicated Rosselló. Among several offensive messages, he used the term “c*cksucker” to describe political opponents including journalist Benjamin Torres Gotay and former Puerto Rico Senate President Eduardo Bhatia. Protests of historic proportions ignited in the streets of San Juan demanding Rosselló leave office, with celebrities like Ricky Martin participating.

Rosselló had previously apologized for the remarks and said he would not seek reelection. It appears now that he has changed his mind.


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