Rapper Lil Peep

Emo-rap star, who has amassed millions of views on YouTube, has come out at the beginning of his career

Rapper Lil Peep didn’t mess around when he decided to come out as bisexual.

There was no long letters, no nervous speeches or even a lot of fanfare. The 20-year-old emo-rap star just went on Twitter, and said: ‘Yes I’m bisexual.’

He then asked followers ‘who wants a kiss?’

Thankfully for Peep, his fans took the announcement incredibly well.

‘Das cool just keep dropping bangers,’ one said, with another asking ‘Do I have a chance with you now?’

Lil Peep has come out at the star of his career

Lil Peep is one of the newest faces in ’emo-rap’, the tatted star from Long Beach has amassed millions of views on Soundcloud and YouTube.


His debut album, Come Over When You’re Sober, is out on 18 August.

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