Rhea Litre, from her appearance on Hey Kween

While Rhea Litre, aka “Drag’s Baddest Bitch,” is primarily associated with West Hollywood nightlife, her purview permeates beyond Los Angeles’ gayborhood. Her beat has also graced the gay bars of San Diego, specifically its queer enclave Hillcrest.

So we kiki’ed with SoCal’s premiere local queen to pick her pretty brain about the best gay San Diego has to offer.

San Diego doesn’t fall short in any way when it comes to Pride, what it does differently is something special. It gives a sense of community. The Pride festival is so amazing because I find it very family oriented. I love the Main Stage at the festival where you can sit on the grassy hills, enjoy lunch, great company and still be entertained by the amazing lineup. 

Go to Urban Moes! It is so fun! Great bar food, staff and the drag shows are amazing! You might even run into Chad Michaels!

 You cannot have a San Diego, Hillcrest Experience without entering Rich’s San Diego! Rich’s IS Hillcrest, Rich’s IS Pride and Rich’s is FUN!! During Pride they block off the parking lot next door build a stage and create an outdoor experience to the already jam packed Nightclub! They bring you GoGo Dancers, jaw dropping entertainment and the best DJ’s serving you your favorite hits. The staff is super nice and the bar Manager Ryan Bedrossian is a dreamboat! Find him and tell him Rhea sent you . 

Tequila on the Rocks, 3 Limes.

Rhea (right) crushing SoCal nightlife with fellow drag bitch 6 and Cocky Boy Taylor Reign

Manfest carries thousands of gay products, including designer men’s clothing, jeans, sexy underwear, an extensive swimwear collection, edgy or humorous greeting cards, glamorous Pan Am bags, DVD’s and more. It’s located next door to Rich’s.  


The Zoo Party at the San Diego Zoo is EPIC! All you circuit queens bust out your light up fashions. This event will most likely sell out. Get your tickets early! 


One thing in particular sets Miami apart from anywhere else in the world? SEX! There is something about Miami that makes you feel desirable and sexy! My favorite Club in the world is Twist, 2 story 5 room gay megaplex guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s needs. There is a small pub like bar when you first walk in, then there is an outside patio that leads to the go-go room ( my personal favorite, I’ve spent my rent money here.) and a Latin Room! Upstairs there is a Top 40/ Pop VideoBar that leads to your ultimate circuit fantasy!

You absolutely have to go to the Palace! The Palace is known for its legendary drag shows that venture off to the sidewalk! YOU MUST FIND Noel Leon and TLO Ivy. They are my favorite showgirls in Miami! 

Rhea performing with Willam.

A piece of me lives in NYC and I’m so happy is get the opportunity to visit so much! If you are in NYC this year for pride it’s important to know that World Pride is in NYC this year! This celebration is going to be unlike any other! 10PM Friday, June 28th join myself and the Prince of Twerk, JoJo Guadz the The Ritz Bar & Lounge, and Saturday Drag Brunch w/ Willam supporting The Trevor Project .

Rhea and her arm candy, JoJo Guadz. Photo: Shaun Vadella

I LOVE meeting new people, seeing new places and congregating with my fellow gays. Everywhere is so different but one thing remains the same. No matter where you experience pride, all we want to feel is accepted and loved. So, GET OUT THERE!  Love one another and celebrate each others diversity! And, If you see me come say hi and snag a pic! I can’t wait to meet you!


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