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YouTube sensation Sam Tsui has revealed in his vlog that his true colors are indeed those of the rainbow. The singer’s sexuality was unclear and many speculated that he was gay, but he never replied to commentaries.

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Hi there! LOTS of new music coming soon…you ready??

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In his most recent video, Sam revealed that he’s been in a long-term relationship with Casey Breves and they are tying the knot. He started by explaining how his success arrived, and that he was not focused on sharing his private life but rather making music.

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New ?? in the works

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Sam continued by addressing those who have always been curious if he was dating anyone: “I am in a relationship and have been for quite some time with someone that I only recently started doing a bunch of YouTube videos . He is an amazing singer, a lot of you probably know already who he is, the talented and freaking handsome Casey Breves.”

He also posted a photo featuring Casey Breves on social media with the caption: “So thrilled to tie the knot with this guy – and truly moved by the excitement and love I’ve felt from the Samily!!! So much ! More pics to come…now back to making music ”

But his announcement was not only about who’s dating, it also represented his big come out as gay. Sam continued with other news about his personal life, and revealed that the couple will soon get married.

And that happened, Casey Breves posted on Facebook on the day after the video was posted: “I’m getting married today! Really excited/nervous for the ceremony and so grateful for all the love and support from our family and friends and people around the world!”

Stay tuned, as the singer promised to be back on his blog with detail from his wedding and personal love life!


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