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Another week, another list, encompassing the most viral and interesting content regarding the gay world. You are busy and do not really have time to check us every day? Good, because this is the solution that is designed to keep you posted on the most interesting facts and news from the gay world. This week’s top is meant to leave you drooling so let’s get going:

  1. David McIntosh’s Instagram banned photos

David McIntoshYou have not met David McIntosh the way these pictures represent him. Trust us, you have not. Then we have the video at the end of the article. “Delicious” is not the right word for it. We would use “sublime” instead. Have a look on your own.


  1. The effect of male rape in the UK

teen-featThis is an actual phenomenon, not investigated enough and, what is more important, not taken seriously enough. Fortunately, we have the firsthand stories of several gay teenagers, to shed a light on the whole deal. And the details are rather heartbreaking.

  1. Jude Law and his…naked impersonation of a Pope

Jude LawIf you have seen him in the new “The young Pope” series, then you have certainly observed his impeccable recreation of the religious figure and his undisputed talent and charisma. But have you seen his naked butt? No? Well, here it is.

  1. The confessions of a gay male escort

gay escortNot any male escort, but one who considers himself to be the most famous one in the entire UK. Want to know what he declared and why is it that makes him so appreciated? Have a look.

  1. What discovering that your best friend is porn star playing gay roles feels like

pornIf this seems too much of a sci-fi for you, think again. It is what actually happened to one guy who has decided to share his story with Reddit. The details and the shock are obviously genuine and every one of us wonders what their reaction would be, if walking into the guy’s shoes.


  1. Austin Armacost naked yoga

AUSTIN ARMACOSTThis is his signature move – naked yoga. And he has a handful of photos to prove his skills. We appreciated and drooled over each one of them, several times in a row. Please, feel free to do the same.


  1. Kermit and Miss Piggy are out on a hunt

halloweenWe are talking about Tom Daley and William, who have decided to go out on the streets and simply be adorable. Have a look and feel free to go “awwww”.

  1. How a drug is supposed to make you gay

gay relationsIt is about Aderall that, presumably, is turning the youth into shameless gays. Could this be true or is it another proof of teenagers gone wild? One guy posted his baffling story on Reddit (this rich and complex source of incredible news), claiming that taking aderall has gave him gay tendencies. Interesting claim, isn’t it? Exactly what we thought, so feel free to check it yourself.

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