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Hey there, fellas! This has been one hell of a week, with plenty of news for every taste and some have had quite a success, benefitting from widespread attention all over the world. We know many of you are addicted to our news platform and no wonder. We are doing our best to keep you posted on the latest events worldwide, because we care about you, our reader and we care about the LGBTQ community.

So, since we know not all of you have the free time needed to check out on our latest updates, we figured we should do a Sunday brief, highlighting all the key news that you guys found the most appealing this week, as well as the whole world.

This being said, here are the most important headlines you may have missed:

Vintage gay photos

downloadIt is not a secret for anyone that coming out of the closet was somewhat of an extreme sport back in the days. You could not simply grab your lover by his hand and go for a walk in the neighborhood. That was the kind of stuff that could get you killed. Or locked away in a zoo. Whatever the case may be, these guys here couldn’t care less about what people thought about them. And so they left us with some inspiring moments of their lives

For more photos, check out the full story here:

UK footballer’s famous dong

footballerThis is, without a doubt, the leader among the stories we have published this week. It is about a young UK footballer, the proud possessor of an impressive schlong that simply took everyone by storm. Figuratively speaking… Aaron Moody is his name and…bigwhitecock20 is his game. And his game was quite something to admire on Tumblr for a short while, until someone figured out who he was and exposed him. So he closed his Tumblr profile as a result. But fear nothing, because the photos of his ginormous penis have leaked all over the internet and they sure are impressive.

Have a look at the article here:

The burning man festival, including a naked oil wrestling

BURNING-MANWeeeell, this one was exactly as it sounds: hot and naughty. It all took place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada and it was a week-long festival, including art exhibits and plenty of music, combined with tons of fun. And naked bodies. Did we mention the naked bodies? The wrestling sessions are part of the festival from its beginnings and cloths are just an optional commodity. Which is another way of saying everyone was butt-naked, oiled up and scorching hot. Have fun guys.

Check out the story and the video here. NSFW alert:

Things that gay husbands do


This should not be breaking news for everybody. Unless we are talking about the actor Matt Dallas and his boyfriend, songwriter and singer Blue Hamilton. Then we are talking about something worthy of interest. Join the two lovers in their Youtube video called “Things Husbands Do” and see how they spend their time with their adopted son Crow and how is life in a famous gay family.

Check out the article here:

The German gay guy who has undergone penis enlargement operations

penisAnd the result is staggering. The tons of silicon injections he used were more than enough to boost his penis sizes to 3.5 inches in width and 9 inches in length. And it weighs between 7.5 and 9.5 lbs. If this is not some kind of a record, I do not know what is.

Have a look at the original story here and amaze yourself:

Justin Bieber naked makes dad proud

justin-bieberI know, it is as weird as it sounds. We know you all love Justin (well, maybe not all) so we figured we should shed some light on this little fact. A new set of NSFW photos of Bieber have leaked the internet. At which his dad seemed proud of his…manhood. Weird enough I will give it that.

Check it out here:

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