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Never deny who you are, because happiness depends on your ability to surrender to your true nature.

It is going to be a hot night! If you read the first part of the story Society dislikes me, but I have found happiness, you will be eager to know what happened a bit later.

A lot of my friends gathered at my house for the weekend for a boys’ night and we played video games, we drank and we ate almost the entire night. I couldn’t say I didn’t have a blast. At around 3 AM people started to leave and, eventually, it was just me and Andrei. For another couple of hours we just relaxed and talked about various subjects, until sexuality came out of nowhere. I tried to discreetly avoid the subject, but it seemed like Andrei insisted, which got me curious. He told me about some movies that he had watched, involving two men who fell in love with one another and, curious enough, those movies didn’t contain any explicit sexual material. It seems like all Andrei was interested about was the emotion side, the concept of love. The subject appealed to me and I was quickly engaged in the discussion. As we talked, I saw Andrei getting more and more passionate about the subject, but at the time it didn’t seem awkward to me. I just thought he was getting carried by the wave, like he always did when he commented on something that interested him. It was, however, something appealing about him, maybe the way that he expressed his passion, fiery and dedicated, that captured my attention and I slowly started to lose focus as he was speaking.

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All I could pay attention to was his red lips moving, almost whispering, and his chest hair coming out of his unbuttoned shirt. I didn’t even noticed when his voice became softer and calmer and all I knew was that one second he was speaking and the next he was gently kissing me on the lips. It completely caught me by surprise and my first reaction was to back off and look stunned and confused. Which is exactly how I felt. I didn’t know what to think and my first thought was that it was a joke, but then I saw Andrei’s expression and my world slowly started to tremble. He looked ashamed, like someone caught in the act, but there was also something in his eyes, something that I have yet to notice in anyone’s eyes before. His lips opened for an apology, but I reacted faster and covered them with my own lips. He was breathing fast, just as me, and I could hear his heart beating. I took his hands, while kissing him, put them around my neck and embraced him with passion. I felt his body melting and shivering in my arms and what followed could not be expressed in words. It was the most gorgeous experience in my life.

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I never forgot that night and I can remember every detail, despite the fact that 6 years have passed since then. As I later found out, Andrei was in loved with me for 3 years prior to that experience, but he was afraid to tell me. No wonder we were so close and similar in hobbies and passions. With his help, I have found what true love means and it is something that I will never be able to fully express. Unfortunately, we still live in Romania, but this doesn’t stop us from being together, even though we must stay away from the public view. We live in a world that is still not ready to accept us, simply because the world doesn’t understand what love truly means. But we know and nobody can steal that from us.

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Never deny who you are, because happiness depends on your ability to surrender to your true nature. Love, love with an open heart and the world will have to accept you eventually. Because you are stronger and because you are free.

The third part of our story Society dislikes me, but I have found happiness is coming soon. Are you ready to know what will happen next?

To be continued…

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