Last year, we were all caught with our wands out thanks to the incredible talents of Sarah Hester Photography and her glorious model.

Featuring a Harry Potter inspired shoot, model and photographer Zachary Howell was shot dressed as the famous wizarding star — or should that say undressed?

Need a helpful reminder of that shoot? They’re all here.

And now, the pair return with a new theme. In this latest collection, perfectly titled Spider Pants, they’ve shown us what’s really hidden away under Spidey’s tight Lycra.

From the iconic full costume through to, well, very little, our superhero dreams have all come true. 2017 — we knew you’d be the one for us.

Following the great success of her Harry Potter shoot, Sarah explained: “These photos have spread like wildfire! Adding: “This was such a fun project. So many more to come!”

Keep your eyes peeled on her Instagram – @sarahhesterphotography — for the next instalment in her character-driven collection.

Oh, and if you want to check out Zachary’s Instagram, you don’t need to cast a spell or go saving the day anywhere else, as we’ve got you covered.


Now we can all say we’ve undressed Spider-Man. Oh!

You can see more of Sarah’s work here.

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