You’ve probably heard the news about the “straight pride” that is being organized by Trump supporters in Boston, and you too probably rolled your eyes when you became aware that the parade is likely to go forward.

However, it turns out that some people did more than just roll their eyes.

Three organizers of the “straight pride” parade received ‘suspicious’ envelopes in their mail, and the packages weren’t marked with a return address. One of the organizers actually said that he could hear something shaking when handling them.
They called the cops, and a defuse squad was on the scene to investigate.

However, as it turns out, the packages were nothing more than a master trolling of the pointless parade.

You probably guessed it already:

The packages were being filled with glitter!

This is how Twitter reacted to it:

In addition to the glitter, the packages contained notes signed “Happy Pride” in the colors of the rainbow and Bible verses about compassion and love.


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