Talk about a heavy weight.

The weigh-in is a perfect time for a boxer to intimidate his opponent. There’s all the trash-talking, and you can strip down to cower them with your impressive muscles.


What we hadn’t heard of us what boxer David Allen did last weekend in London before his heavyweight bout against David Howe. Either Allen was blessed by God with a goliath member, or he stuffed his drawers with an eggplant.

Only, wouldn’t that put him in a different weight class?


You can actually hear spectators gasping and gossiping about the prodigious bulge, asking “Is it real?” Howe seemed to be a good sport about it: After he put his eyes back in his head he even gave the lump a playful tug.

We’d be huge boxing fans if it was more like this.

And in case you’re wondering, Allen won his match.



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