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Adding homophobia to racism, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents made a migrant hold an “I Like Men” sign as an anti-gay punishment.

Agents at El Paso Processing Center in Texas tried to humiliate a Honduran migrant by making him hold a piece of paper saying “Me gustan los hombre” or “I like men.” According to CNN, the man was forced to hold the paper while walking a group of newly arrived migrants throughout the detention center.

A fellow agent sent an email detailing this incident and more to CNN. He also told them, “I am forwarding to the Office of Professional Responsibility, the office charged with looking into these allegations.”

According to the third agent, he later approached the agent responsible for writing the makeshift sign and a second agent who laughed at the situation. The contact says that he expressed disgust at the display and told the two that their behavior was unprofessional. The two ignored the agent.

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The witnessing agent then removed the sign from the upset Honduran man and gave him a replacement.

In the message sent to CNN and later to the Office of Professional Responsibility, the agent named two senior Border Patrol officers and five other agents who saw the alleged incident. According to the witness, he took the note to the senior agent in charge that night but no action was taken. As such, he reached out the news reporters and a higher office.

This news reminds of a recent report from ProPublica that there exists a closed Facebook group where current and former Border Patrol agents make derogatory comments about Latina lawmakers, joke about cruelty to incarcerated migrants, and even mock migrant deaths.

As a result, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan has announced, through Twitter, an immediate investigation into these offensive posts. We hope McAleenan will also take an interest in the recent case in Texas.

Sources: CNN


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