Pumping it hard at the gym, Tom has practically made our week already!

Working his upper body and self-labelling the post with the arms emoji, we couldn’t put it better ourselves. And by the looks of how what shape Tom’s body is in, he’s most certainly doing something very, very right!

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Tom has been offering his advice on fad diets and why ‘cheat days’ are probably the the worst thing you can do:

“The first thing I did was cut out carbohydrates,” Tom explained in a live BUILD Series interview today. “As an athlete that’s just about the worst thing you can do. I learnt the hard way. And that’s why I worry about lots of the fad diets you see online. If you start cutting food groups, all you do is crave that.

“Lots of people have a cheat day where they don’t do any exercise and they eat whatever they want. That’s probably the worst thing you can do.”

He added: “You’re better off having a treat on a day you’ve done some exercise so your body is burning off the calories.”

And when asked who is the better chef between he and fiancé Dustin Lance Black, he had this to say.

“Me, definitely. We’re both good at different things. He’s very good at Southern American comfort food, so the fried chicken. He’s really good on the BBQ. But he doesn’t necessarily know how to cook the healthiest of meals.

“I tend to do all the cooking. I’m in charge of breakfast and dinner. He sorts out his own lunch because I’m at the pool all day.”


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