The boys are back with an important message for everyone.

The Warwick Rowers are back once more with a brand new video, but this one’s a little different, according to Paper.

Their new video highlights why the Rowers’ work is so important in the aftermath of Brexit and the Trump election and also features the group stripping down and getting naked.

The athletes have been supporters of LGBT rights and year after year the group have released a naked calendar in which all proceeds are donated to the Sports Allies charity that works towards equality.

The Sports Allies are set to launch an academic report on homophobia and gender equality and a Warwick Rower spokesperson has revealed why the Rowers’ cause is more important than ever before:

“There has been a 147% increase in homophobic attacks post Brexit, and it seems likely the Trump vote will amplify this globally.”


“Never before has the LGBT community had greater need of its straight allies to assert that the battle for LGBT rights comes not from self-interest but from a belief in justice.”

The group visited London Pride for the first time ever this year to challenge homophobia, and they don’t plan to stop.

The athletes are selling their new 2017 calendar and you can watch the slightly NSFW preview of the shoot below:


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