This may be a short work week here in the US, but it’s going to be worth it.  As we say goodbye to May, we’re going to say hello to June and Pride Month with a nice little giveaway. Skip to the bottom if you wish (that’s what he said). 

Thanks to OMG Blog, we have some seriously distracting snaps of hunky actors Steven Strait and Drew Van Acker from a new sci-fi film called Life Like

Strait has previously appeared on The Expanse and Van Acker is a Pretty Little Liars alum.

We ran our first post on them back at the beginning of May and shared some drool-worthy gifs and action shots of the two men and their bare butts and… is that a steam shower ‘cuz or glasses are all fogged up in here!


But that was just a simple gif.  To get us and them moving a little faster, let’s watch a clip.


And if you’re looking for more than the gifs and more than the clip above, the film in DVD form and Digital content went on sale Tuesday, 5/14. You can bookmark this Amazon link and order ‘Life Like’ on the 14th!

But wait, there’s more. 


Out of the kindness of someone’s heart, we were offered the opportunity to give away 5 copies of “Life Like.”

To enter, all you have to do is join the Facebook Group Our Gay Life (  If you are already a member, you’re all set!  We will draw 5 winners next Monday from the list of members and we’ll have the DVD mailed out to you. 

Simple? Yep!  No to unfog those glasses.


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