Hi, I am Samantha! I am 16 years old, I am from USA and my former name was Samuel. I want to share my story to the world, because I want to help people who are experiencing the same situation I am in. I have been struggling my entire life with a problem that no one that I knew of have had. Ever since I was a little boy I liked playing with dolls and dressing up in my mom’s dresses. I also used to steal her lipstick and play with it in front of the mirror until I was all red, head to bottom. I always viewed myself as a girl, even before knowing how things should be. My parents thought me about what means to be a boy versus a girl and that I should be whatever I feel like it. However, they told me that I should not tell anyone about myself, at least not until I will grow older and I never understood why. But time came when I found out what they were talking about.

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One day in school I was talking to one of my best friends and I did something that I was thinking about for two years already: I told him about myself. I realized it was a mistake and it became more obvious when he went and told everyone about my secret. I was a fool to think it would happen otherwise. I guess this is one way to tell true friends from liars. What happened next was a real ordeal for me. My colleagues started making fun of me and most of them refused to hang out with me. Soon, I was only speaking to one of them, Michael, whom I was never close to, but it seemed like he was the only guy respecting my choice and understanding what I was. I figured that it was no point in me hiding anymore, because everyone knew my story now. I talked to my parents and they supported me in my decision, so I started acting like the girl that I felt I was. I bought some beautiful frocks, started wearing makeup and long hair and my whole life changed in just a couple of days.

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My parents even talked to a doctor about my situation and they decided that I should start following a hormone treatment. One and a half years in, and my body started to change and become more girlish and I love it. Michael still remained my closest friend and we used to talk for hours over the phone, until one day when he proposed me something I never expected. He asked me on a date and I couldn’t believe he was being serious. I had to tease him for almost an hour to get the truth out of him and he eventually told me that he had falling in love with me. It was something that I have never expected and my world seemed to have turned upside down. Michael, my best friend, accepting me for who I was and falling in love with me was beyond my expectations. I agreed to his proposition and he went out on our first date. Almost a year later, we still date, but no one knows about our relationship. Things are difficult enough as they are and I don’t want him to face the same things that I have gone through. My parents are the only ones knowing about my relation with Michael and I must say they are the most loving and understanding parents in the whole world. My only regret is that I have never talked to anyone going through the same stuff and it makes me feel like I am a weirdo, not to see anyone in my position.

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In couple of years I intend to get through a surgical intervention and make the final step towards being a real lady.

Hopefully I will get to meet more people like me, because I am a new person now, the person that I always wanted to be and I want to share my joy with the world.