“I’m the worst teacher … I make him so nervous”

Anderson Cooper is teaching longtime partner Benjamin Maisani how to drive and it’s bringing out the worst in him.

‘He’s got a learner’s permit like a 16 year old. It’s the most embarrassing thing,’ Cooper told viewers while co-hosting ABC’s Live! with Kelly Ripa on Monday (23 January).

‘I’m happy about it on the one hand because I’m sick of being the one who has to drive every time we’re in a car,’ Cooper said of Maisani who turns 44 this week.

‘He’s all excited about driving so he insists on driving whenever I’m with him.’

That’s where things get tense.

‘I thought I’d be happy about this, that he’s finally learning. (But) I am the worst driving teacher on the planet. I get annoyed at everything he does – every mistake he makes. I’m like, “Ugh! How stupid! Why did I let you get a learner’s permit? I hate you!” I’m the worst. I make him so nervous.’

Ripa, who is close friends with Cooper, said: ‘He said that you actually hissed at him.’

Cooper admitted it was true and actually re-enacted his quite scary hiss – three times.

‘You know when you’ve been with someone for awhile … you’re beyond speech,’ he explained.

‘You’re so sick of what they do you can’t even discuss it.’

Cooper begins talking about the driving situation at the 9:30 mark in the video below.


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