dubai love
Gay boys are the most passionate creatures in the world.

Two months ago, both of my friends called me, and I thought they just wanted to hear me. While we were having a giggling conversation, Muhammad asked me if I were free then. I was, actually, and I answered correspondingly with a yes. I asked why, and he for ridicule’s sake as always answered like this: ‘Because one of the greatest sheikhs here is looking for a cute bride!’ That was he…  I made a fuck-you physiognomy and went on: ‘Okay, Moho (that’s how we called him), now tell me what is the real matter, please!’ He said that there was a greatly-paid writer position available, and he finished his sentence in his way again, saying that there were also plenty of hot boys there.

dubai love
Nonetheless, that was true! –

Nonetheless, that was true! I loved Arabic boys, their naturally bronze complexion, their hot bodies and wild manners. I didn’t torture my friends to convince me, instead I said: ‘All right, boys! When do I hit the road?’ They responded: ‘After two days, baby!’ This made my eyes open widely, and I told them: ‘Are you kidding me?! I cannot get ready so soon!’ then Moho said: ‘You will have to because your ticket is already booked. Kisses!’ I was going to murder this guy along with his grin! They loved to play with me, to trick me…

Somehow, for those two short days, I managed to get ready, and I took my flight. As soon as I landed, they came to see me in. We had a few great days and there were another ten days until my work meeting.

dubai love
I loved Arabic boys, their naturally bronze complexion, their hot bodies and wild manners –

That was lovely because I had time to enjoy the sun and the sea there while in my homeland, it was already snowing. Dubai’s night bars were unrepeatable! Such a quality and classiness… That was nowhere else found. When it came to boys – they were all dying to have a white boyfriend, so I cannot complain about the lack of attention, I had quite, even excessively a lot of it. Of course, I tasted some of them, too. As if the city was designed for me, all the passion, beauty and money were there – I guess I couldn’t require more though in my diva moments, I did.

dubai love
This city is made for passion –

Now I have a number of contacts from Dubai, waiting for me to get back to the city. It is a sure thing that I will, because this city is made for passion, and we, gay boys are the most passionate creatures in the world, aren’t we?

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