Disney has always shown strong support for the LGBT world.

Disney has always shown strong support for the LGBT world. That’s why a graphic designer and illustrator from Mexico, Alfredo Roagui, decided to create pin-up illustrations of gay men, getting a huge inspiration from Disney characters. He used different elements to make colorful and provocative drawings of beefy men.

Alfredo Roagui

He describes himself as a Disney freak and confessed that, when he was ten, “The Little Mermaid” changed his world. “Ariel is a bit of a rebel and a dreamer. I felt I could identify with her at that age. A boy identifying with a princess? How about that?”



Roagui thinks that “Disney appeals to gay men because “We still believe in fantasy and Prince Charming. It reminds us to be in touch with our inner child and makes us dream about happily ever after.”

alfredo roagui

“In the real world… you’ll have to kiss a few frogs before finding the prince,” – claimed Roagui.

Alfredo is so passionate about seeing same-sex coupling from Disney, that he has re-imagined a few of its iconic princesses as men.

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Source: instagram.com, etsy.com

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