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EXCLUSIVE: Pro-wrestler Anthony Bowens was pranked by boyfriend Michael Pavano but viewers can’t decide if it was funny or mean

How would you feel if you found a used condom beneath your boyfriend’s bed? A condom you were pretty certain had nothing to do with you? That appears to be the situation that gay, pro-wrestler Anthony Bowens found himself in recently.

What happens is the subject of the latest video on the YouTube channel he runs with partner, Michael Pavano.

The used condom was a prank. Pavano wanted to get his own back on Bowens, 28, who pranked him last summer with some fart powder in their car.

To get his revenge, Pavano took a condom, put some suitably semen-like lotion inside, and left it by some shoes just under his bed. He then set up a camera to catch what happened.

Calm but shaken

Bowens comes into the bedroom and wants to find a phone charger. Pavano tells him to look for an extension cable beneath the bed. He duly finds the condom and immediately questions Pavano about it.

Bowens, as Pavano predicts, stays remarkably calm. However, he’s clearly unhappy as he contemplates the fact his boyfriend may have had sex with someone else – despite Pavano’s denials.

If you’ve ever discovered that a partner cheated on you, this part of the video may touch a nerve. It appears to have done so with some viewers. Although many find it funny, others have labelled it ‘mean’.

‘Those kind of relationship pranks are so not funny… just cruel.,’ commented pixelkat1819 on YouTube.


‘You really hurt his feelings,’ added Vinci DeLaunc. Both comments received upvotes.

Other praised Bowens’ composure. Others thought Pavano brave for playing such a prank on a boyfriend who happens to be a wrestler and who could have flipped out.

Fortunately, Pavano reveals the prank after a minute and a visibly relieved Bowens tussles with him. But he still appears a little shaken.

‘I appreciated the concern from everyone’

Today, both men assured Gay Star News there was no cruel intentions behind the prank.

‘It is so heartwarming knowing how many people care about the dynamics of our relationship,’ Michael Pavano said. ‘When we agreed to start pranking each other, we both knew what we were getting ourselves into.

‘Neither one of us sat down and put limitations on what’s OK to prank about and what not because we have a mutual understanding that we would never let things get too far and keep our relationship’s best interest in mind.’

‘I appreciated the concern from everyone,’ added Bowens. ‘It’s very moving that our viewers love and care about us but I’m totally fine! When the camera’s stopped rolling, I laughed because I couldn’t believe he pulled it off so well. Especially since I had been poking fun at him for months that he would never be able to. That’s the kind of relationship we have.’

What would they say to people who called the prank mean or cruel?

‘I mean technically, it is pretty mean pulling a cheating prank on someone but we have the ability to laugh at ourselves which we think is very important and also plays a big role on how strong our relationship is,’ said Pavano. ‘Everyone’s relationship is different, and it’s up you to know your significant other’s limits.’

Bowens says he is already plotting another prank on Pavano to get him back.

Coming out

Bowens saw his profile rocket a couple of years ago when he came out as bisexual. Last week, he posted a new video to announce that he no longer identifies as bisexual and prefers the label gay – if he needs to be labelled at all.

He and Pavano have been dating since summer 2016. They met via Instagram. At the time, Pavano, a personal trainer and YouTuber, was in an on-off relationship with someone else. He didn’t go on his first date with Bowens until he’d ended the relationship with his ex, as revealed in a previous video.

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