random gay guy
“Call me. Tonight”

This all happened a while ago – I guess it must be 5 years. It was my dad’s 60th birthday. We were on a family holiday to some seaside resort – nothing posh, we’re not a posh family. It was a ramshackle town, its glory days long behind it, but a faded charm and a fun atmosphere. Cheap and cheerful, I guess you’d say.

Now, I don’t normally have a big sex drive. I know there’s this stereotype of gay men being permanently horny, but that’s completely not me. The exception to this is any time I know I CAN’T have sex. In the big city with guys all around, I can take it or leave it. But put me out in the sticks – say my home town, or some little village miles from anywhere – or a ramshackle seaside town – and I start going round the bend with frustration.

random gay guy
Cheap and cheerful, I guess you’d say. – wordpress.com

For the big birthday meal we found our way to an OK restaurant – well, it was more a bar that served food. I sat down with my family feeling the frustration bubble in my stomach; all day we’d been walking along and I’d been eyeing up all kinds of guys, all of them doubtless straight. Young guys kicking about on the beach, topless in shorts, showing off for their girlfriends. Married guys with their wives and kids, guys walking their dogs, big guys, skinny guys, bearded guys, skinhead guys – you name it, my eyes were darting toward them like a laser and the pit of my belly had been buzzing, my cock twitching, even my heart pumping. Why NOW?! Why now, when I can’t have anyone?! I think my body likes playing this practical joke on me.


So you can imagine how distracted I was by the time evening came. I was barely paying attention to my family and instead my eyes were darting around the place. I barely looked up when the time came to order food… but when I did look up, boy was I glad I did.

He was adorable. A young redhead, slim, his work uniform badly fitted, just a bit too big for him. And I knew – straight away I suspected he was gay. I don’t know why; I think he looked a bit lost, in this town where there can’t have been much going on for a guy like him. When it was my turn to order, he looked at me and there was a flicker of a smile across his face. That’s when I KNEW. I smiled as I placed my order, holding his eyes… he got tongue tied, started to blush I watched his cute butt as he then scurried away

random gay guy
I told you he was adorable! – newnownext.com

I told you he was adorable!

Food came, I smiled at him more, he blushed more. He stood by me, taking drinks orders, and I quietly slipped my hand down beside me, then around his leg, just to let him know I was thinking about him. My cock was pushing up so hard against my jeans it hurt, and no one else had any idea what was going on; myself I was partly pleased I’d found another gay guy, but also getting even more frustrated because there was nothing we could do… or so I thought. I saw him slip off to the gents and, adjusting myself to make sure no one would notice my raging hard on, I excused myself and followed.

random gay guy
I snuck up behind him, placed my hands on his waist – jewishnews.co.uk

He was just stood at the urinal, not expecting me at all. I would NEVER normally do this but like I say, I was becoming wild on that holiday. I snuck up behind him, placed my hands on his waist… he turned around shocked, then smiled when he saw it was me… then smiled even more when he felt my hard cock pressing up against that cute butt. Slipping my hands under his shirt and up, I grabbed his chest and pulled him closer, and into a deep, deep kiss.

Obviously, it was risky there – especially for him! I dragged him into a cubicle and spun him to face me, and again into a desperate kiss, feeling his own hard cock press up against mine; thrusting our hands down each others’ pants, I could feel myself about to burst, I was so desperate, I’d been so horny all day, and here I was, finally about to get something…

random gay guy
He was clearly still desperately hungry for me – tribecafilm.com

Then he stopped! Pulled away and said something about getting back to work… leaving me, raging hard on and lust unfulfilled. But he was clearly still desperately hungry for me. He pulled out his notebook and pen, scribbled down his number and said, hopefully, desperately, “Call me. Tonight”

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